Future is with open source and web centered:

In current economic downturn world's most conservative companies are switching to open source. We provide web development training courses based on open source technology. We anticipate web-applications sector blossoming and we are to provide professionals to those enterprises who base their operations on open source.

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Key Features

We train to make them productive DAY ONE and not make them fit for another training like any other institute
We are not a training house but a very high end Software Development company with lot of vertical specific products
No more "Hello World" programming technique but to use something which will help them develop the skills faster
Actual Live Enterprise level projects and have them train hands-on
Database designing and Optimization concepts
Business attiquetes
Recruit top 10-20% of the students in Corelynx itself and provide 100% job assistance for everyone


Tie-ups with lot of MNC for job placements