Future is with open source and web centered:

In current economic downturn world's most conservative companies are switching to open source. We provide web development training courses based on open source technology. We anticipate web-applications sector blossoming and we are to provide professionals to those enterprises who base their operations on open source.

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Why you should choose PHP/MySQL to start your career?

Why you should choose PHP/MySQL to start your career:

PHP/MySQL is the world's most preferred free platform for web application development.
PHP/MySQL does not require any License fees unlike .NET.
PHP/MySQL offers low cost of ownership, happens to be the undisputed choice of all up-and-coming business for their online presence.
Vast requirement of PHP/MySQL known professional in India and abroad and every day new requirements get added.
There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of PHP programmers which freshers could only fulfill.
PHP is easy to learn and master and with PHP a fresher can develop database driven websites in a matter of 3-4 months.